DVD of the Month

On behalf of everyone within the White Rose Aikikai, I would like to congratulate Sensei Riley and all those who took part in the making of Ma-ai Critical Fighting Distance.

The DVD has reached out reasonably far in such a short period of time and as such has earned it’s first review in the well respected Combat Magazine. The review highlights the filming method, also saying it fills the long awaited gap in any Aikido practitioners DVD collection.

Sensei Riley is in the process of another, longer DVD for the association. I am sure that this will also create a lot of interest not only within the White Rose but in the public eye too.

Special Thanks To The Cast:
Sensei Shane Riley 6th Dan, Sensei Tony Hesletine 5th Dan, Sensei Mark Danford 3rd Dan, Kathryn Riley 3rd Dan , Andrew Thornton 3rd Dan, Peter Noddins 3rd Dan, Jackie Beaumont 2nd Dan, Terry Crompton 2nd Kyu, Richard Walker 4th Kyu

Also, A Big Thank You To:
Sensei Paul Derrick 5th Dan for all the behind the scenes work.