Advice for Beginners

On your first visit you can wear clean loose comfortable clothing. (Later you can buy a Judo or Karate suit through the club at a discount on shop prices). After changing you should wear something on your feet until you reach the mat. As a matter of traditional Japanese etiquette as well as hygiene, footwear should never be worn on the mat. A good standard of personal hygiene is a courtesy to other students. You will need to buy a wooden training sword (Bokken) and a staff (Jo) soon after starting training but they are not essential immediately.
Aikido practice involves Japanese terminology which may seem difFicult to begin with but instructors can provide translation sheets and you’re not expected to learn it overnïght.

Safety on the Mat

All members are reminded that safety whilst training is the responsibility of everyone on the mat and care must be taken at all times to avoid injury to yourself and others, especially when practicing with weapons. However, students must accept that due to the contact nature of Aikido, injuries may sometimes occur. All jewellery must be removed and well trimmed nails will help to avoid accidents.


All classes are taken by instructors who are qualified and insured through the association and trained in first aid. The association maintains basic insurance cover for all members, against any injury incurred during a club training session. It Is important that your annual membership and insurance subscription are kept up to date. Failure to do so will result in you not being allowed on the mat.


Membership and insurance subscriptions must be paid annually and a fee is charged for each traning session. Due to insurance regulations you will be required to pay annual insurance subscription before your first session. For further information about the association and current fees, please telephone one of the instructors listed on this website or come along to watch a training session and talk to the instructor and students afterwards.

Application Form

If you would like to save time and fill in the membership application before you get to your first class, please click on the link below to download and print the official form.
[Download and Print Membership Application Form.]