How did you first become involved in Aikido?

Sensei Hajdysz:

I first became involved with Aikido when I saw a demonstration on the television, at that particular time I was practising Karate. But out of curiosity I had to watch the demonstration to see if it was an effective martial art well what I saw impressed me. It was quite a while though till I actually started to practise as I couldn’t find any clubs in Bradford. Then one day I went weight training (yes its hard to believe that I had a body that people envied, and I think that some still do ha ha ) and while in the sports centre noticed a poster advertising an Aikido demonstration I went along with a friend and the rest as they say is history.

Why did you stay interested in Aikido instead of any other martial arts?

Sensei Hajdysz:

Good question! but why does anyone do anything?. I just fell in love with Aikido I find it challenging, it makes me think, it makes me work. When I say think what I mean is we have to think of the situation were in think of our timing and think of harmonising with our opponent, it sounds long winded but its not really and what do I mean by work well I have to work at my timing and harmonisation so my Aikido will become second nature and perfect but I don’t THINK I will achieve this in this lifetime.

What do you get out of Aikido?

Sense Hajdysz:

I get a lot of aches and pains from Aikido, bad knees and all the rest of it. But I have also had a lot of pleasure, laughs and good friends which has more than made up for the aches and pains which we all talk about when we get together on the mat.

How do you view your way of teaching in comparison with any of the other Sensei’s in the club?

Sensei Hajdysz:

I don’t view my teaching as any different from the other Sensei’s in the club I still teach the same basic techniques as them. I do like to put my little add on bits in the techniques but trust me the other Sensei’s are just as capable of doing it too.
Have you ever needed to use Aikido in a situation?

Sensei Hajdysz:

Not really, I have had a few close encounters and managed to keep out of trouble with the little knowledge I have.

What effect has Sensei Riley had on your Aikido as a whole?

Sensei Hajdysz:

I have trained with Sensei Riley for quite a few years now and the effect he has had on my Aikido would take a while to explain but it is linked with the next question.

What are your views on Aikido schools which “dance around”? Do you think they are lacking truth in their Aikido?

Sensei Hajdysz:

I started my Aikido with the B.A.F. and there is some dancing going on there but when I joined the white rose Aikido the dancing stopped and we got on with what we were supposed to do needless to say I am still here.

Why have you stuck with Sensei Riley and the White Rose?

Sensei Hajdysz:

When I first came to white rose from the B.A.F I spoke to Sensei Riley and said that I just wanted to practise my Aikido and did not want to get involved with the politics of the organisation to which he basically said “there is no politics, what I say goes” which suited me to the ground. I have found this attitude honest and refreshing and it has my loyalty as well as others in the organisation. There is no backstabbing and no jockeying for position like I have seen in other organisations.

Have you ever met anyone with a natural ability for Aikido?

Sensei Hajdysz:

Not really, I have met some people who have picked Aikido up easily and grasped the concept of it, but they still had to practise.

Do you agree that Sensei Riley’s Buddha is in fact a “Little Mick”?

Sensei Hajdysz:

The body shape is similar and the happy smiling face is a definite and i’m sure I bring joy to a lot of people (ha,ha) so yes you could say that Sensei Riley,s Buddha is in fact a little Mick.

I would like to thank Sensei Hajdysz for taking the time to answer all your questions and giving us some inside knowledge of his journey through Aikido.