I began my Aikido training under Heseltine Sensei while I was a student at Durham University. I was instantly impressed by how practical Aikido seemed and how it could be adapted to suit people of all different physical abilities – I still am.

Following a year away, after finishing university, I was able to find employment in the North East and continue practising Aikido.

I enjoy regular visits to the Dewsbury to receive tuition from Riley Sensei and to train with other members of the association. I attend day long seminars throughout the year and enjoy what has now become an annual trip to Lowestoft to train with Frank Burlingham Sensei and the rest of Broadland Aikido. To me these contribute a lot to my Aikido both on and off the mat.

My Aikido highlight to date has to be a ten day adventure to Singapore and Malaysia in 2014 for the fifth international friendship seminar, which culminated in me being awarded rank of shodan from Riley Sensei.

Recently I have been given permission to begin an additional class in Durham with support and encouragement from Riley Sensei and Heseltine Sensei. I’m looking forward to the challenge and experience this will bring.