I started training in Ki aikido in 1998 in Glasgow under Sensei Ian Aitkenhead and then later with Sensei Eve Aitkenhead. I also attended several courses held by Sensei Kenneth Williams, founder of the Ki Federation of Great Britain. After 3 years training in Ki aikido, work brought me back home to Yorkshire.

I looked around to find a Dojo and was fortunate enough to happen upon a White Rose Aikido course taken by Sensei Ken Cottier and Sensei Riley at Dewsbury. I was immediately taken by their aikido and I joined the White Rose Club immediately. I have continued training under Sensei Shane Riley, Sensei Paul Derrick since 2001.

I have attended several venues both in the UK and abroad and I have had the privileged to receive tuition from many Senseis including Sensei Philip Lee, Obata Sensei, Yamada Sensei, Sensei Philip Smith, Sensei Frank Burlingham and Sensei Aziz Belhassan.

In 2013 I was awarded the rank of Yondan (4th Dan) by Sensei Riley.

I became a teaching assistant to Sensei Mick Hajdysz at the Halifax dojo and enjoyed his unique and practical style of aikido. I now teach the class at Huddersfield Sports Centre.

Sensei Ian Tyler. November 2015