John Pryce Sensei began Aikido in 1997 with Heseltine Sensei (6th Dan) of the White Rose Aikikai and became an instructor at the Prince Bishops Aikido club, Durham University. Shane Riley Shihan (7th Dan), Senior Instructor of the White Rose Aikikai awarded Pryce Sensei his 3rd Dan in 2005. Pryce Sensei also holds a 2nd Dan in Shotokan Karate.

In 2003 Pryce Sensei moved to Nara, Japan, where he continued his Aikido studies under a variety of teachers including Fujitani Sensei of Tenshin Dojo, Kubota Shihan of the Aikikai and Kimura Shihan of Osaka Aikikai, among others.

Pryce Sensei began formally teaching Aikido in Nara, starting the Mushin Aikido Dojo which was continued upon his return to Edinburgh in the UK 2005. In 2006 he returned to Japan and has been living in Kyoto since. Since 2010, wanting to deepen his knowledge of Aikido, he has been studying Yoshinkan Aikido with Jaques Payet Shihan (7th Dan) and has been awarded the grade of 2nd Dan Yoshinkan Aikido.

In 2013 he opened a dojo in Kyoto under the auspices of the White Rose Aikikai.