I began boxing training at the age of 18. At 21 I started to practice Aikido under Arthur Lockyear Sensei and travelled the country to attend as many weekend courses and summer schools as I could, taking instruction from several visiting Japanese instructors. Whilst attending these courses I met a number of Aikidoka around the country and was privileged to be able to take instruction from some of the most senior instructors in the UK, including Ken Cottier Shihan so hombu, Mr William Smith OBE and Terry Bayliss Shihan whom continue to have a major influence on my training and I have also had the honour of calling them friends.

I was promoted to Shodan by Tamura Sensei 8th dan in London in 1986 and to enhance my Aikido training and gain a better knowledge of a striking art, I took up Muay Thai (kick boxing) which I practiced alongside my Aikido for several years.

I first practiced with Shane Riley Sensei in the early 80s and found his Aikido to be dynamic and practical, which reflected the way I practiced my Aikido and so I began travelling to Yorkshire for tuition. Later, I was privileged to be allowed join the White Rose Aikikai and opened a dojo at Sherburn Village Sports centre with the full support of Riley Sensei where I practiced for several years before relocating to Hild and Bede College, (part of Durham University) where we currently practice on a Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.

I continue to practice with Riley Sensei but still endeavour to train with any high grade aikidoka that is in the country, which helps broaden my outlook on Aikido. I have also travelled abroad with Riley sensei as his uke. We travel to Ireland annually to teach at a dojo in Sion Mills, County Tyrone.

I am the senior grade in the north east for the White Rose and a senior grading officer. I was very proud to be awarded Rokudan (6th Dan) by Riley Sensei in 2010.